Our Favorite Wedding Invitation Color Combos

We’ve been creating wedding invitations since 2011. Since that time, we’ve seen a lot of different wedding trends! Blush and Gold is always a classic wedding invitation color palette, as is navy and gold or black and silver…we’ve done tons of invites in those colors! But what about not-so-common wedding colors?

Slate Gray and Purple Amethyst Wedding Invitations with Gold Glitter
Dark grey and purple gold gliter wedding invitations

Every once in awhile, we get a daring, out-of-the-box client who wants different colors. Sometimes, they’re bold colors like Sheree & James’ Amethyst and Gold Glitter Invitations;

We took our Sarahphina suite and popped it into a Dark Gray pocketfold and combined it with our gold glitter and dark amethyst envelopes to create a moody, tranquil invite for their guests. We even continued that mood with dark amethyst text on cream paper!

Purple and gold is nothing new, but adding dark gray makes this dark and moody invitation gave us all the feels for this formal wedding!

You can create your own version of our Sarahphina suite here

When Kathy came to us for her daughter’s wedding invitations, she knew she wanted to use mint green and gold glitter. We took the Heather suite she chose, and turned it into this soft and sweet invitation!

We used mint for the envelopes and middle layer, which perfectly accents that gold glitter layer and band. We printed it with black text on white paper for the perfect contrast. This super formal invitation is probably one of my personal favorites– and Kathy and her daughter absolutely loved them. They made them ultra formal by adding an outer envelope. Super classy and sophisticated, with just a hint of playful mint!

You can check out our Heather suite here. If you’re not HUGE on glitter and prefer foil, check out the other version of this beautiful invite!

Mint Green and Gold Champagne Formal Wedding Invitations
mint green and champagne gold wedding invitations
Laser Cut Wedding Invitations in Black and gold

Channing and Dion wanted to take our stunning laser cut invitation and add a little something extra. While black and gold wedding invitations are nothing new, this couple chose the kimberly and added a gold band and belly tag! It jazzed up this already-formal invitation just a little bit more. We love the extra insert cards, color combo, and detail of this elegant invitation.

Want to create your own Kimberly? Click here.

Our Briyelle suite has been a top-seller for three or four years now, but I have to say, this Tabriz Blue and Silver glitter color combo is giving us ALL. THE. FEELS.

Nicole and Mackenzie loved our Briyelle’s font, but wanted to bring their blue and silver theme into it, using a lighter, brighter, bolder blue! We just love everything about this suite, but putting it in these fun colors got us ready to party!

If you’d like to customize your own Briyelle suite, click here!

capri blue wedding invitations

No matter your wedding color combination, theme, or feel… we can make the perfect invitations for your wedding. Check back soon to see more color combos, themes, and customization to use as your wedding inspo!

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