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All That Glitters Invitations herein after referred to as “we”, “us”, and “our” and the party signed below herein after referred to as “buyer”, “client”, and “you” hereby agree to the following terms:


Deposit/Initial Payment
The“deposit” is your initial payment toward your wedding invitation order. It is non-refundable after sending of the first digital proof via email. Your initial payment includes the initial proof, plus 2 digital draft revisions/proofs. Please note, we reserve the right to charge a $50 font-change fee for any font changes made after the first proof is received. This fee will depend on which font you choose, as some fonts require a complete redesign of pieces of the invitation. During proofing, you may request font, wording and color changes. A charge of $10 per proof applies for additional digital proofs requested by the customer.

Final Payment
By signing this contract, you accept responsibility for any and all payments. If you are not the credit card holder, you agree that you have permission to use the credit card you are using.


Understanding Your Timeline
Our goal is to get your invitations to you as quick as possible. In order to do this, we have created this timeline to give you a guide to receiving your order as soon as possible.

  1. Every day past the deadlines outlined below pushes your shipment date back a business day. Every day you are ahead of the deadlines outlined below pushes your shipment up a business day. If a deadline is missed and is not made up, a rush fee will be assessed if the client requests their original shipment date be met. If you would like to submit your revisions and approvals early, please do so.
  2. The faster you get back to us with your initial questionnaire, revisions & changes, the quicker we can make those changes and get your next proof to you.
  3. Revision requests are made within 1 business day of receiving.
  4. Please request as many revisions as possible in one email, to be revised all at the same time. This GREATLY decreases the digital proofing time.
  5. We close our studio at 3:00 pm eastern Monday through Friday, and are closed on weekends and major holidays.

This timeline offers a guide for the client on due dates and turn-around time. For partially and fully assembled orders, we allow for 4 weeks from the first proof until delivery date. This allows 1 week for the digital proofing process and for you to submit final approval and payment and 3 weeks for processing (or 7-10 business days for DIY order processing). This time may INCREASE during peak wedding season.

Please note: Larger orders may require a longer processing time. If your order is more than 200 suites, please confirm with us that your shipment deadline can be met.

 HARD COPY PROOFS are available but may require up to 2 WEEKS to process, depending on availability of supplies. This step is completely optional.

Timeline Specifics:

*First Proof Promise Date: within 2 business days of receiving your questionnaire submission. Additional proofs are made at your request. You will receive up to 2 additional digital proofs after the initial proof.

*Finalization of Digital Proofs due 1 week after you receive your first digital proof.

*Digital Approval Signature & Final Payment due at time of finalization.



It is your responsibility to proofread your proofs. Please do so carefully prior to submitting final approval. Refunds will not be issued for errors you have approved. Replacement pieces are available for a reprint fee. We try to do the best we can to make sure all information is consistent and accurate from your questionnaire, but ultimately the responsibility to proofread all the information on the proofs (both digital and physical) is yours. We can offer advice on etiquette, placement, information that needs to be included, color combinations, etc. However, the contents of your invitation pieces are your choice and responsibility of the outcome is yours.


Payment is due in full prior to printing your order. Payments are non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled. If the event is postponed, changes may be allowed if printing has not begun. No refunds, exchanges or returns are accepted.


Shipping & Shipping Fees
Shipping fees are a flat rate of $29 for orders under $1000, and $39 for orders over $1000. We do our best to get your invitations out the door as soon as possible. You will be given a date of shipment on your final invoice. We may ship PRIOR to this date. We are not responsible for delays in delivery or customs charges, VAT or fees.

All That Glitters Invitations is not responsible for any packages lost, stolen or damaged during shipment. Insurance is required at time of payment. Delivery requires signature confirmation. You are responsible for verifying that all pieces are correct and undamaged and that you have received your order in full. TO ENSURE TIMELY REPLACEMENTS, You must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your invitation order with any problems.

  • In the event of a package lost by the carrier: All That Glitters Invitations will file a claim with the shipping carrier. We will replace your order, free of charge, if the package is not delivered or returned within the required waiting period from the carrier.
  • In the event of a damaged package: All That Glitters Invitations will file a claim with the shipping carrier. Photos will be required from the client, as well as list of damaged items. Damaged items will be replaced at no charge as quickly as possible.
  • In the event of a stolen package: The client must file a police report and email a copy of that report to All That Glitters Invitations. Upon approval of a claim made with the carrier, the order will be replaced free of charge.

Rush Fees
Rush fees are $250 or 25% of your total dollar amount, whichever is less. We reserve the right to refuse a rush order if our work load does not allow for it.

Damage Due To Customer Mailing
All That Glitters Invitations is not responsible for damage or delays caused by mailing services. Most of our pieces are heavy, layered papers and require extra postage and hand-canceling. We will not be held responsible for insufficient postage or missing, damaged, or undeliverable pieces. Note: White printing on dark envelopes will delay the delivery of your invitations to your guests.


All designs, used in the final product or not, remain the intellectual property of All That Glitters Invitations. We reserve the right to use the design and concepts in the future. The design copyright does not transfer to you, unless exclusive rights to the design are purchased. No part of the design may not be copied, redistributed, or resold. No part of the design can be used in whole or in part for any purposes other than your own personal use. The copyright, design and files remain property of All That Glitters Invitations. All That Glitters Invitations has the right to document, photograph or otherwise record all completed designs or concepts of the project, and to reproduce, publish and display such documentation, photographs or records for All That Glitters Invitations’ promotional purposes.


Subsequent Orders
For subsequent invitation orders under 20 sets, A set-up fee of $25 plus the current price of the invitation will be charged for each order made of your invitations once your initial order has shipped.

Corrective Printing:
If there is an error on your invitation that is not reflected on your signed proof, we will reprint your piece(s) at no charge as quickly as possible. However, if you find an error that was approved on the signed proof, a corrective reprint fee will apply and will be shipped as soon as possible.

Reprint fees are as follows
  • Entire suite : full current price of the invitation
  • Invitation Only: $2.50 (without pocketfold), $4.00 (with pocketfold) per invitation
  • Insert cards: $0.75 per card
  • Guest addressed envelopes: $1.50 per envelope (plus $.50 per envelope)
  • Return addressed envelopes: $.49 per envelope (plus $.50 per envelope)

I agree to the above conditions. I agree that any changes agreed upon and made to my order after this contract is signed do not void this contract in any way.


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